What makes a great landing page?

Landing pages are made for one purpose only: to get the viewer to take tangible action that is beneficial to your business. That could be filling out a form, signing up for an email newsletter or buying something from the website. A great landing page is focused on the product or service a business is looking to sell. It should have an eye-catching design as well as well-formulated and formatted content in order to give the potential customer quickly the information that they need.

Features of a great landing page

  • Concise: The content on landing page should be concise and to the point. It does not have to be clinical, but it should not overwhelm the visitor either. Be sure to exercise copywriting best practices to help visitors in taking action – your visitors must know what they can do and how they can do it!
  • Design: A landing page that is not pleasant to look at will never generate trust with the customer. Great design goes a long way and puts out a positive image for your company.
  • Call to action: Call to actions should tell your visitors exactly what they will be doing by following through. For example, if you are getting the visitor to download a software, it’s better to have the call to action say “Download *software-name* now” instead of just ‘Download’.
  • Social sharing buttons: If a user finds the proposition on your landing page to be a promising one, chances are that they’re going to want to share it with their circle of friends. Social sharing buttons enable this and allow easy sharing of your page without the user having to copy the link from the browser and sending it to someone manually.
  • Thank you page: Be sure to follow up with a thank you page after a visitor has carried out your desired action on the landing page. A thank you page is also a great place to suggest other products/services which would have otherwise taken space in the landing page.

Further reading:

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Case Study Amazon Landing Page: X-Files – Cold Cases

Please move your mouse over image below to to see my annotations on “The X-Files: Cold Cases” 2017 Audiobookᴬ.