Replace WordPress search with Google Search

If you run a WordPress site on your server, you may have noticed that the built-in search functionality is not very efficient and you may want to replace WordPress Search with Google Custom Search.

Google Custom Search Engine

How to Setup UpdraftPlus to Backup Your WordPress Website

Configure free UpdraftPlus Backup Plugin for Dropbox. Get a professional backup solution similar to Dropmysite.

How to Setup UpdraftPlus

How to remove Malware from PC

Follow these 4 steps to remove Ad- and Malware from your PC.

Two ways to get a free Windows 10 download

This article describes how to get free authentic copies of Microsoft Windows and Office. (30 day trial, key needed to unlock),

windows 10 download

Get your Windows license key.

Can’t find your Windows license key? Use the free tool.

get Windows license key

List of Visual Composer Tips

Want to learn more about Visual Composer? I am compiling a list here of all the tips that I have found over time.

windows 10 download

Random Name Generator PHP Tutorial

In this Random Name Generator PHP Tutorial you will learn how to generate random names using a handy PHP script. This can be useful for coming up with names for social marketing campaigns, fun or creating mock online accounts.

random name generator php